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Art Documentation 

Flaneurshan (fläˈnər.shan) is a Brooklyn based photography studio. We use Fujim GFX100S medium format camera , studio lighting and most up to date software to provide documentation service for art professionals and work with corporate clients to create commercial commissions. 

Installation Documentation

For emerging and established artists, as well as galleries of all scale, loves to problem-solve the process of documenting artists’ projects and installations. Whether done in tight-spaced galleries with tricky lighting, or in well-lit spacious settings, achieves results that best showcase the artwork.

Artwork Documentation: 2D+3D has worked closely with artists across mediums, with the goal of  documenting each artist’s authentic vision. The high-quality art documentation services use the Fujim GFX100S medium format camera. Various scales of the images can be used for your website, applications, gallery shows, collectors, archiving, social media, or printed production.


The services are available on location and in our Sunset Park, Brooklyn studio.
Connect with us to tell us about your unique project. 

Performance Documentation

The Artist Portrait offers to photograph your environmental portraiture, work in progress in your studio with a focus on authenticity and editorial aesthetics. The portraits can be used for your website, social media, and self-branding. It's well-suited for individuals, artists, or professionals looking to have your portraits taken in an artful manner.

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Artist Studio Portrait has worked closely with artists of all types to create portraits of them that showcase their authenticity, with a focus on editorial aesthetics. Whether you opt for a portrait of you in-studio along with your work, or a solo headshot, we will capture the perfect photo you need for your website, social media, and overall brand. This option is ideal for individuals, artists, and professionals looking for more artful depictions of themselves.

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